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Who we are...

We are a 501(c) 3 private, non-profit organization in Marion, IL. We try to work closely with the citizens of the region in helping to control the pet population.  We do this through a " No Kill " approach by spay/neutering, offering medical aid, food, shelter, and a chance to find a loving home through an adoptive process or rescue group, but we need your help. A handful of people can't do it alone. We need the cooperation and support of local volunteers. If you care about what happens to the rejected animals of our society, join us.

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Purina is proud to support animal welfare and many animal shelters.  Please click here for more information.

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Marion Regional Humane Society,

Kroger will give 4% to us to help the animals!

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Reasons To
Spay & Neuter
  1. Prevents unwanted pets

  2. Prevents problems for you

  3. Prevents cancer and other diseases

  4. Makes pets calmer, more content

  5. Reduces spotting or spraying problems

  6. Discourages roaming and fighting

Volunteers are always needed!
To rescue, shelter, and care for hundreds of animals requires a lot of specialized jobs and duties. All tasks are important and the more people there are helping, the less each person has to do, and the more we get done. Please take the time to look over our job tasks and see if you can help on any of these. Many tasks can require as little as an hour or two a week. Some might not even require leaving home. Let us know if you are interested in helping to make a difference. Look over our list on our
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Our Mission Statement

Compassion is defined as the sympathetic consciousness of distress in a living being together with a desire to alleviate it. Membership in this organization is not limited by political, monetary, ethnic, religious, or physical boundaries. The one constant that must be present in each member is the ability to have and exhibit compassion for our four legged friends.

The Mission of the Marion Regional Humane Society is to:
• Increase public awareness of the need for a spay/neuter program
• Promote and encourage volunteers for care of sheltered animals
• Administer an adoption program for dogs/cats in shelter
• Assure that each adoption includes spay/neuter, micro chipping and vaccination prior to receiving animal
• Prevent cruelty to animals
• Work with local law enforcement agencies to provide safety to the public involving animals.
• 100% of all donations stay locally for the welfare of animals

Our goal is a new facility that will meet our needs. This is our dream, and what we are working for. If you would like to see this happen, we are accepting donations. Image by Chase Clark and Sean Hartman - Southern Illinois University

School of Architecture Master's Students - Future Home of Marion Regional Humane Society - For Fund Raising only.